About Us

With the rapid growth of technology, agriculture sites and natural habitats have become a rare sight. Gone are the days, when people used to spend hours playing in the lush green fields or visit the forests. Life was simple and modest back them. However, in the modern world, you will hardly come across open space such as fields etc. as shopping centres and residential blocks have taken their places.  

The city life has become overtly hectic; people hardly have any time to pay attention to their wellbeing. Life, in this modern world, is akin to being trapped in a concrete jungle, where it has become difficult to break the vicious circle and set free. We, at Terrarium4u, are providing you a unique opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of nature through self-sustaining and extremely beautiful miniature garden in a bottle. Our experts, keeping in view the adverse effects of urbanization, explored different options to bring the beauty of nature back into our lives. This is how they came up with the idea of a miniature garden in the bottle.

With this idea, we are excited to unravel the endless possibilities of using these glass vessels as home décor items. These self-sustaining realistic glass vessels of nature can easily flourish indoors, with little maintenance on your part.

Through this idea, we, at Terrarium4u, are taking people back to the olden times, where people used to live in close proximity to nature. The terrariums offered by us have the ability to effortlessly blend with your surrounded, whether you are placing them in your home or at your workplace.

Our terrariums will serve as a reminder of your love for nature. We, at Terrarium4u, take pride in offering the most attractive and unique terrariums; hence, we use the premium quality material to develop our products. The mosses that are used in our terrariums are thoroughly tested and inspected. We offer a unique experience of terrariums with numerous customization options.

Join us on our journey to making a greener environment!



The most prominent feature of our terrariums is their quality. Each terrarium developed by us boasts of a unique and attractive design designed by our experienced artists. Using their expertise and experience, they select the most high-quality materials i.e. high-grade glass container to create a durable and attractive terrarium for you.

At Terrarium4u, various types of moss are used to in order to add depth to the artwork. These are small flowerless plants that can grow in dense mats either in dappled or damp sunlight. They have been used as insulation material for centuries because of their unbelievable absorption properties. Their slightly springy feel also gives them a distinct look and feel.

We believe that each type of moss is unique. It can be majorly classified into two types; Pleurocarpous and Acrocarpous. Each type is different with respect to its growth. Pleurocarpous tend to grow faster and on sideways. On the contrary, Acrocarpous grow slower and upright.

We guarantee that terrariums offered by Terrarium4u are surely going to bring the fond memories of olden times when life was closer to nature. You can also use these beautiful terrariums as a gift for your loved ones to show your love and gratitude for them.



We, at Terrarium4u, are offering numerous customization options. Our experts can create a garden for you no matter how unique your requirements and specifications are. Whether you are fond of Peter Pan or Tinkerbell, want a garden with forest like look or a simple plain terrarium, all you got to do is to communicate your requirements to us, and we will take care of the rest.

You have the choice of keeping your terrarium either open or closed; it depends on its maintenance. You can incorporate your favourite plants into the garden with the variety of customization ideas and options we are offering. The possibilities with our terrariums are endless!