Q 1

How does a Closed Terrarium works?



Terrarium are self-contained indoor gardens. Plants and medium in the terrarium release sufficient water vapor in our tropical environment. These vapors onto the walls of the vessel trickle down and water the soil. Hence, terrariums are self-nourishing and require little maintenance.




How to take care of your Terrarium?

Place: Keep moss terrarium in a low-temperature (air-conditioned) environment. If excessive condensation/mist occurs in the container, leave the lid open for an hour to allow surplus moisture to escape and it's also help circulate new airflow.


WATER: Mist lightly with distilled or filtered water once a month, depending on the size of the terrarium. Be mindful that excess water is difficult to remove since water evaporates slowly in the enclosed container. 


SUN: Avoid place the terrarium under direct sunlight. Artificial lighting like fluorescent lamp in your house or office works wonderfully. Bright area aids the growth of plants.

Food: Mild fertilisers can be applied to the plants. Our Moss food is an ideal product to grow healthy moss or plant.




How long will the plant live?

Depending on the plant, the terrarium’s location, the light and temperature conditions, your moss and plant can survive many years if given proper care. We have test specimens that are flourishing beyond 5 years.

The plant inside is a strong plant but remember it is a living organism and it can still get brown leaves, fungus, or sometimes, small bugs might even appear. Not to worry, as long as the plant looks healthy it will survive. If however you are noticing lots of brown leaves, fungus, or super hungry bugs eating the leaves, despite having kept it away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, and extreme cold, you can still fix this. If nothing seems to helps and it has occurred within one month of the purchase date, we're happy to save your terrarium.  




Do we conduct workshop?

Yes we do. Kindly Contact us and let us know you details.



What is the payment method?


Online payment in a secure environment via PayPal. Contact us if you wish to pay via bank transfer (for Singapore customers only)




Can i view the terrarium before purchase?

Yes, we strongly advise our customers to view the terrarium in person before purchase. Contact us to arrange for a viewing.




Can you deliver the terrarium?

Yes, we do provide deliver of our terrarium but it would be ranging from S$25 - $45 depending on the location. We will charged for a full S$45 via PayPal and refund accordingly to the location. If you need the actual cost kindly Contact us .