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About Us

With urbanization rapidly spreading worldwide, we have seen the dramatic loss of agricultural sites and natural habitats.  We fondly recall playing in fields and forests during our kampung days (village).  Today, those open spaces are gone, and are replaced with shopping centres, residential buildings, and other urbanization purposes.

Overwhelmed with hectic city life and trapped in a concrete jungle, we at Terrarium4u began to explore ways to reconnect with nature and came across the idea of a self-sustaining miniature garden in a bottle.  We are excited to share with others the prospect of a realistic glass vessel of nature that could thrive indoors and the endless decorating possibilities that comes along with it.

Terrarium4u was founded to remind city dwellers on the beauty of nature and to rekindle love for nature.  Our terrariums blend easily with any home or working environment.  We aim to create miniature scenery that you can relate to – a reminder of something you love or yearn.  Quality is paramount at Terrarium4u, where high quality materials are used in our products.  All mosses are tested and meticulously inspected prior for use in our terrariums.  Above all, each creation is unique and can be customised to the finest detail.

We invite you to join us in the journey to greenify your environment!



We uniquely designs each terrarium and works together with their artists to handmake a solution just for you.  We are committed to providing terrariums that will bring enjoyment into your life whether at the office or home.

They are the ideal gift to someone you care about.  Giving a gift of life is affirming and you’re doing your bit to keep us green. 



We use moss to add depth to our works of art.  Moss is unique, for such a basic lifeform there are 12,000 species.  Moss can be classified into 2 types, Acrocarpous grow upright and are slower growing whilst Pleurcarpous grows laterally and grow much faster and generate quickly from fragments.

Moss are small flowerless plants that use spores to pollinate.  They grow in dense mats in damp or dappled sunlight.  They have a slightly springy feel about them.  Moss have some unbelievable properties such as being able to absorb 20 times its weight in water and for centuries have been used as an insulation material.

Terrarium4u takes this humble plant and transforms them into fairytale worlds of plants.  You dream and we make it happen.